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ART drags out the soul from its everyday shell, and brings it under the spell of its own mysterious and wonderful power, so that a memory of this experience stays with you and sustains you in your daily labors, and refines your mind.

The challenges that many artists and aspiring artists face are varied and common. Defining one’s vision, evaluating a career, setting and achieving goals; these are some of the many tasks we will address in assisting you to find your direction in developing your art and realizing your specific desire to create and share your vision with others.

The Art Source, created by Mona Adisa Brooks, a professional artist of many years, art instructor, curator, and gallery owner will help the budding artist or the established artist to:
Define your vision, evaluate career choices, set and achieve goals, acquire discipline in the studio and hone your artistic skills.

You will design your own course with careful, confidential, and caring guidance, working in your own area of interest and experimenting with new materials as you develop your own vision.

To arrange for a meeting or to acquire more information:

or call 603-924—9862/ 603-801-4502 

From my point of view we are hilarious and tragic.
Working with porcelain, wood, fabric, candor and  my muse, I try and illustrate our humanness in my work.   This i find most challenging and uplifting, spending my time each day to bring these characters into being.  At last complete, it is the personality that shows me who He is; indeed and alas, I am only a tool for its creation.
Which brings me to the real reason for my art and work.  These days there is a seemingly never ending tale of bad news filled with injustice and war between nations and cultures and each other.

One thing only is needed, to laugh and dance together to the music that is ours for the sharing.
So...I’ve been creating in my studio these beings who sit around and offer humanness in their ‘fool’ishness.  They are just the same as we are, through them we can take a good look at ourselves and find a little lightness in our heads and hearts and maybe they will bring a little spring to your step as you move through your day.
People are often asking me about my ladders.
I have been drawing, painting, and building ladders, using saplings, milled lumber, and other media for more than 42 years.   At first I was unaware of the reason that these monolithic forms were so persistently being created.   Now I realize that these ladders are a symbol that I and we must strive to Get To A Higher Place in our plight to understand the fragility and preciousness of our world and work hard to protect it and all the beings that inhabit it. The ladders are, for me, a reminder to walk gently on this earth.

Mona Adisa Brooks
June, 2017 

  Rochester Institute of Technology, 
  School of fine and Applied Arts, Rochester, NY  
  Ceramics, Self-Taught
· St. Anselm's College, Manchester, N. H. 
·  Raku Phoenix Workshop, The Pheonix, Dunbarton, N.H. 
·  Currier Art Museum , Manchester, N.H.  
·  THE ART SOURCE, Individualized, Painting and Ceramics Classes

·  Solo Show, Off the Square Gallery, Cambridge, Ma. 
·  Faculty Show, St. Anselm's College, Manchester, N.H.  
.  Two Person Show, Ten Arrow St. Cambridge, Ma. 
.  Year of the Woman, St. Anselm's College Manchester, N.H. 
.  Group Show, St. Anselm's College, Manchester, N.H. 
.  Two Person Show, Hebron Academy, Hebron, Me. 
.  Solo Show, Works Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa.
.  Tensing Gallery, Peterborough, N.H. 
·  Miniatures, Fairtree gallery, N.Y.C.
.  Miniatures, Galeria Del Sol, Santa Barbara, Ca.
. Holiday Show, Fairtree Gallery, N.Y.C.
.  Artists Celebrate 200 Years, Fairtree Gallery, N.Y.C. 
   Xerox Corp., Rochester, N.Y.
.  Third and Fourth Edition, New England College, Henniker, N.H.
.  Animal Imagery, Group Show, Elements, N.Y.C.
.  Solo Exhibition: Poetic Imagery in Clay, Works Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa.
.  Ten Teapotters, Timeless Designs, Deer Isle, Me.
.  Group Show, Spectrum Gallery, Nantucket, Ma.
.  American Porcelain, Renwick Gallery, Washington, D.C.
.  Animal Images, Renwick Gallery, Washington, D.C.
.  Two Person Show, Ten Arrow St., Cambridge, Ma.

.   Vehicles, Skera Gallery, Northampton, Ma.,
.  Sculpture N.H., Statewide Exhibition:

  Currier Gallery, Manchester, N.H.; Thorne Sagandorph Gallery, Keene, N.H. . St. Gaudins, Cornish
.  Solo Exhibtion, Works Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa.,
.  Group Show, Carlyn Gallery, N.Y.C.
.   Solo Show, Works Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa.
.  Solo Show, Mark Milliken Gallery, N.Y.C.
.  American Craft Counsel, Baltimore, MD 1986-present

.  ACC- Baltimore, MD, Atlanta,  GA, Charlotte,NC,  St. Paul,, Mi
.   St. Anselm's College, Manchester, N.H.
.   Artpark, Lewiston, N.Y. 
.  New Hampshire Sculpture Exhibtion, Manchester, Cornish, Keene,
.   Renwick Gallery, ‘American Porcelain’, Smithsonian Washington, D.C.
.   Renwick Gallery, ‘Animal Imagry’,  Smithsonian Washington, D.C.

Owner of Trumpet Fine Arts Gallery, Peterborough, NH 2010-present
  Juror for American Craft Counsel,   1990 – present